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Glass Tiles

glass tilesBecause of their water resistance and versatility, glass tiles are becoming more popular as a decorative and functional wall or floor covering in kitchens and bathrooms. There are four basic types of glass tiles, identified by the method and materials used to make them. History Glass tiles have been in use in mosaics since the Byzantine era. Modern day production methods provide a greater variety and durability. Available in frosted, clear and blends in various sizes.


There are four main types of glass tiles: smalti, fused, sintered and cast. Smalti tiles are made of glass paste coloured by adding metal oxides, then fired at high temperatures and cut into small pieces for use in mosaics. Fused tiles are made by cutting glass into the size and shape you want the tile then heating it in a furnace. Sintered tiles are made with a die that is filled with glass powder and heated until it melts together. Cast tiles are made by melting pieces of glass together in a mould.


 Glass tiles can be placed to let more light through to your room without giving up privacy. They can also provide a more waterproof alternative to ceramic, wood or linoleum. Excellent for use as a back splash in your kitchen or bathroom or as wall accents. Also works well on curved walls in businesses and restaurants.


Tiles are usually square, but can come in any shape. They can also be of varying thickness, and have a huge range of finishes, textures and colors.


Depending on the type of tile you choose, they come in a wide variety of sizes, from one-inch squares to whatever size you might require, up to about 24 inches. Fused glass is the only type that can be that large.


Many glass tile manufacturers use recycled glass for their products, providing a green alternative for tiling your bathroom or kitchen.