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We regret that we cannot offer Medallions at this time.
They will come in style sooner or later and we will have them again.

Provincial Medallion

Medallions are floor tile mosaics that are either circular or square in Shape. Medallions can be used as centerpieces of an area as they add interest and a focal point. Entire room color schemes can be built around the colors in a medallion. 

Campogalliano is an Italian manufacturer of glazed and unglazed porcelain tile, ceramic white body tile, for floor and wall, in several different sizes. Ceramiche Campogalliano is a leader in the worldwide tile business thanks to his innovative design and  the upscale quality of the products, together with the superb service and customer satisfaction.

Campogalliano is imported into Canada and resold though CANBIS. 


medallion Mosaic Floor Medallian